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To host water industry conference as a global platform with the purposes of interacting internationally with Daegu’s business, academic institution, and bureaucracy, strengthening Daegu’s domestic and international status, and attracting business and investment.


The program is opened to domestic and international water-related associations, researchers and policy researchers.

Short Description

Date 3rd ~ 6th September 2019
Venue EXCO, Daegu, Korea(324호)
Host Daegu Metropolitan City
Organizer EXCO
Participants About 200 participants over 20 countries from domestic and international water-related associations, researchers and policy researchers.
  • Integrated session presentations on domestic and international water industry issues in policy, academy and technology
  • Networking between water industry participants at luncheon and dinner
  • Technical & cultural tour


Name Spot Country Affiliation

Xu Zhao

Professor China Research Center for Eco-Environmental Science

Yao-Hui Huang

Professor Taiwan National Cheng Kung University

Gregory Korshin

Professor USA University of Washington

Shiao-Shin Chen

Professor Taiwan National Taipei University of Technology

Laodong Guo

Professor USA University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Yasuyuki Nakagawa

Professor Japan Kyushu University

Meilian Chen

Research Scientist China Guangdong Technion Israel
– Institute of Technology

Akihiro Okamoto

Doctor Japan National Institute for Materials Science

Ho Kyong Shon

Professor Australia University of Technology Sydney

Dong Suk Han

Professor Catarrh Qatar University

Bui Xuan Thanh

Professor Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

Sung Woo Bae

Professor Singapore National University of Singapore

Östen Ekengren

Vice General Manager Sweden IVL, The Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Sebastià Puig

Professor Spain University of Girona

Bjørn Kaare Jensen

Doctor Germany European Water Association (EWA)

TorOve Leiknes

Professor Saudi Arabia King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Kashif Rasool

Doctor Catarrh Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute

Mi-Hee Lee

Doctor Republic of Korea Sejong University

Hyokwan Bae

Professor Republic of Korea Pusan National University

Sang-Hyoun Kim

Professor Republic of Korea Yonsei University

Tae-Ho Lee

Professor Republic of Korea Pusan National University

Yan Zhou

Doctor Singapore Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Stefano Papirio

Doctor Italy University of Napoli Federico II

Glan Diagger

Doctor USA University of Michigan, USA

Ewan McAdam

Professor USA Water Science Institute -
Cranfield University, UK

Joh Kang

Professor USA Water & Energy Advisor LLC



Session Session Title Organizer
Pre-Workshop Microplastics in the environment: occurrence, detection, and removal Sunghwan Kim
(Prof., Kyungpook National University, Korea)
Session 1
TBA Organizing Committee
Session 2
TBA Organizing Committee
Session 1 Advanced technologies for sustainability in a changing environment Vincenzo Naddeo
(Prof., University of Salerno, Italy)
Session 2 Electrochemical water and wastewater treatment: from lab to field Kangwoo Cho
(Prof., Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea)
Session 3 Towards energy positive sewage treatment system Jin-Young Jung
(Prof., Yeungnam University, Korea)
Session 4 Electrochemical and advanced oxidation processes for contaminant removal Chi-Wang Li
(Prof., Tamkang University, Taiwan)
Session 5 TBA Wontae Lee
(Prof., Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea)
Session 6 Convergence technology nexus for water industry Dae Sung Lee
(Prof., Kyungpook National University, Korea)
Session 7 Biological aspects of wastewater treatments Hyun-Suk Oh
(Prof., Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Korea)
Session 8 Water quality and resources management Byung Joon Lee
(Prof., Kyungpook National University, Korea)
Session 9 Smart recycling in smart city for smart living Jeong-Ik Oh
(Dr., Land & Housing Institute, Korea)

4th IWIC 2018 Previous Outcome

4th International Water Industry Conference 2018 was successfully held with total 61 academical research presentations. Sessions were composed of 43 oral sessions (11 keynote speeches and 32 regular oral presentations) and 18 poster presentations. The main theme was “New Paradigm of Water Industry”, and this fascinating theme attracted 144 participants over 20 countries. This conference not only identified the latest technologies, business issues, policies, and future trends in the water industry, but also helped the National Water Industry Cluster settled in Daegu, vitalizing regional water-related businesses. Also the conference suggested key issues in improving water technology with international exchanges of industry, science and government.
International Water Industry Conference has been chosen to be a regional convention promotion projected by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization in order to improve the value and status of Daegu water industry brand which can help Daegu to become the main center of water industry of Asia. Henceforth, the conference is planning to develop water industry development policy program of Daegu into an advanced business conference which includes the revitalization of the national water industry cluster and the creation of related businesses. Moreover, Daegu will put a lot of efforts to make this conference an advanced business conference in order to contribute to the development of practical industries of Daegu water industry such as fostering local businesses and attracting investment.