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Global Leadership for SDGs

- Water Leaders’ Round Table
- World Water Partnership
- World Water Cities’ Forum 2019
- Asian Water High-Level Meeting

Implementation of solutions

World Water challenge

TIP Platform (15 selected sessions) Thematic Sessions

Cross- Cutting Key Word

  • Technology, Implementation and Policy

Main Focus Areas

  • Smart Water Management
  • Water Recycling and Reuse
  • Water for Socio-economic Development
  • Water Governance and Partnership
  • Water ODA

The 4th Water Environment Policy Forum 2019

Social and Economic Value Creation

12th Water Business Forum

  • Water Partner Square (Matching Meeting)
  • International Water Industry Conference 2019

Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building

Water Culture Citizens' Forum

Citizens' session on water history and management from cities' perspective

  • Water Talk Concert
  • Water and Gender
  • Youth and Children's Topic Program

Water Education & Training

  • Korea Junior Water Prize
  • 6th Water Environment Policy & Technology Contest 2019
Plenary Program Opening ceremony, Closing ceremony, Welcome dinner