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: KIWW Secretariat : Wed, 9 November 2022, 12:00 AM

[EVENT]Follow KIWW's social media and Leave Encouraging Comments!
Follow KIWW's Social Media and
Leave Encouraging Comments!

A forum for sharing and discussing sustainable water management strategies in the face of climate change! Korea International Water Week 2022 (KIWW 2022) will be held at Daegu EXCO
from Wed. Nov. 23 to Sat. Nov. 26, 2022!
Under the main theme of “Fostering Water Environment Resilient to Climate Crisis”, this event will bring together water experts and water stakeholders from all over the world (the government, municipalities, corporations, NGOs, general citizens, etc.) to share their perspectives on sustainable water management
 for humanity and nature.
In order to make KIWW 2022 a success, we need your support!
That’s why we have prepared this social media event.
Follow KIWW's Social Media and Leave Encouraging Comments
- Event Period: Wed. Nov. 9 to Nov. 15, 2022, for 7 days
- How to participate:
① Follow KIWW’s social media platforms and like the event posts
② Leave supportive comments on the event posts on the KIWW Facebook.
③ Fill out the application form to win the event, attaching images as proof
 that you have completed ① and ②.
* Application form URL: https://naver.me/53BQXNzr
- Winner Announcement Date: Fri. Nov. 18
- Prizes: CU convenience store 5,000 won gift certificate (60 people) *to be notified individually
KIWW Facebook : https://bit.ly/3DvTsBW
KIWW Instagram : https://bit.ly/3DKmAWn
KIWW Youtube : https://bit.ly/3DSl4mo
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