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Session Introduction

Africa faces a growing gap between water supply and demand. The situation is worsened by activities of insurgency destroying infrastructures where in existence coupled with desertification which are both affecting the health and wellbeing of rural communities, agricultural production which is leading to food shortage and hunger. The greatest impact will continue to be felt by the poor, who will continue to experience the most limited access to water resources if no concrete actions are taken to alleviate the situation.

AU-ECOSOCC and its partners are working together to amplify the impact of the KIWW 2019 with this specialized Side Event focusing on global support for Victims: Actions and commitment to Solving Africa’s Rising Water Crisis and Mitigating Desertification. Essentially, the Side Event will provide participants with first-hand information on Africa’s water situation and the challenge of desertification with a view to eliciting global support and interventions for the provisions of portable water in the most vulnerable communities in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Session Schedule

Time Contents Speaker/Participants
10:00 - 10:15(15’) Introduction of the speakers and opening of the event Ms Glory Utunedi
10:15 - 10:45(30’) WELCOME AND OPENING SESSION Dr. Tunji John Asaolu , Nigerian Representative, African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council (AU-ECOSOCC)
10:45 - 11:00(15’) The Role of Community & Civil Society in Water Management Ms. 0peyemi Marcellina Aderinto, Executive Director, African Center for Human Advancement, Social and Community Development
11:00 - 11:15(15’) The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources Mr. Abdufatai Ogundana, Deputy Executive Director, African Youth International Development Foundation (AFYIDEF)



Global Support for Victims: Africa Rising water Crisis and Mitigation Desertification( Dr Tunji John Asaolu, African Union Economic Social and Cultural Council AU-ECOSOCC)

The Role of Community and Civil Society in Water Management ( Ms. Opeyemi Marcellina Aderinto , African Centre for Human Advancement Social and Community Development ACHASCOD)

The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources( Mr Fatai Damilola Ogundana, African Youth International Development Foundation AFYIDEF)


Major messages

We also examined the socio economic benefit of iceberg in South Africa. The discussants also talked on water desertification as capital intensive project, Water allocation (Cooperation). Cooperation like Lake Victoria trans-border organization, Zambezi in south Africa. We are to also adhere to the collective framework of African Union Agenda 2063 and the Nile River Basin initiative.
South Africa is planning iceberg, there were tossing questions if it has Economic Benefit. In conclusion water reservoirs are owned by farmers –Agricultural and the domestic supply


And further request the AU-ECOSOCC being an advisory organ of AU member states to issue advisory opinion to African Union Member States on water management in Africa as well as the outcome of KIWW2019 . We also advice that next time they should have partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South korea so as to make visa issue a mild thing and not tough in our case
The participant request the secretariat of KIWW to reconsider and approve AU -ECOSOCC and ACHASCOD to continue discussion with this session in the next World Water Congress come May 11 -15, 2020 because it is an interesting topic which should come to an end in a day workshop.