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Inviting government officials and professionals from Water Industry advanced countries, to share water industry development strategies, experiences of Water Industry Cluster and knowhow and to form a practical networks with participating cities for successful build-up of Korea Water Cluster, major mission of Daegu city.


About 200 water industry officials (domestic 150, foreign 50)
13 countries, 13 cities and 6 organizations : Korea (Daegu), USA (Orange County, AWWA, WEF) UK( IWA) France (Montpellier, IWRA, Aqua-Valley), Netherlands (Fryslan, Water-Alliance) Thailand (Bangkok), India (Telangana), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), Colombia (Bogota), Morroco (Rabat), China(Shaoxing, Yixing), Myanmar (Naypydaw), Taiwan (Kaohsiung)

Short Description

WWCF 2018 will serve as an exclusive platform for city leaders and water experts to discuss water-related issues and solutions for each city and share best practices and policies related to water management. WWCF 2018 is a forum for discussing the way to utilize water management and water technology / water industry development as a tool for creating attractive, livable, resilient and prosperous city. All participants will gain new insights into the successful implementation of water policies, how to engage stakeholders and how to collaborate with participating cities.


Time Contents Speaker
09:30~09:35 (05') Water Drawing Show
09:35~09:45 (10') Opening
09:45~09:50 (05') Welcoming Address
09:50~10:20 (30') Keynote Speech Patrick Lavarde
10:30~11:50 (80') Water Cities Roundtable
< Collaboration for Water-Friendly Cities >
12:00~13:20 (80') Luncheon
13:30~15:00 (90') Session 1 Aqua Valley - Water Competitive Cluster Emilie Fillol
Fryslan - Water As Driver Regional Economic Development Simon Tijsma
Orange County - Innovation and Implementation : Moving Forward Megan Yoo Schneider
Rabat - Improvement of Water Quality on the Reservoirs Used for Drinking Abderrahmane Bouloud
WEF - Sustainable Stormwater Management in Chicago, USA Tom Kunetz
Yixing - Global Convergence and High-end Innovation Pei Zhiliang
Kaohsiung - Innovative Thinking on Water Resources in an Industrial City Jennifer Chen
Daegu - Sustainable Water City Daegu Jum Mun Kang
IWRA - Trends in Private Sector Water Stewardship in the Asia-Pacific Gary Jones
15:00~15:20 (20') Coffee Break
15:20~16:30 (70') Session 2 AWWA - Sustainable Urban Water Management Opportunities and Challenges in the USA David B. LaFrance
Bangkok - The Management for Sustainable Tap Water of MWA. In Bangkok, Thailand Somsak Passananon
Bogota - Bogota D.C. Towards Sustainable Development Goals Armando Ojeda Acosta
HCMC - Application of MBBR Technology with RO + OZONE for Treatment and Reuse Textile Wasterwater : A Case Study of Boomin Vina Industrial Cluster Nguyen Van Phuoc
IWA - Transitioning to Water-Wise Cities Katharine Cross
Myanmar - Sustainable Water Management in Myanmar Ko Ko Lwin
Shaoxing - Inheriting and Developing the Water City's Historic Culture - A Review of Shaoxing's Construction of Water Culture He Gangwei
16:30~16:50 (20') Coffee Break
16:50~17:50 (60') Panel Discussion
< Establishment of a Plan for Cooperation among Water-Cities >
Welcome Dinner
18:00~18:10 (10') Opening Show
18:10~18:15 (05') Opening
18:15~18:20 (05') Daegu Introductory Video
18:20~18:25 (05') Welcoming Address Ⅰ
18:25~18:30 (05') Welcoming Address Ⅱ
18:30~18:50 (20') Celebration Performance (Musical Turandot)
18:50~19:00 (10') Toast Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ
19:00~20:00 (60') Dinner