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Host Ministry of Environment, K-water
Organizer K-water
Outline Policy proposal conference composed of policy decision makers and water experts to set directions for integrated water resources management policies following the integration of Korea’s national water management scheme and to discuss future overseas water project direction in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2030.
/ Expected
To share the trend of Water Management policy in major developed countries and significance of integrated water management in Korea.
To discuss about direction of IWRM policies, Implication of IWRM in Korea and Measurements of achieving sustainable integrated water resources management


Time Contents Speaker/Participants
15:00-15:10 (10’) Registration
15:10-15:30 (20’) Opening Ceremony - Dr. Seungyong Ju, Vice-Chairman, National Assembly, Korea
- Dr. Eunkyung Kim, Minister, Ministry of Environment, Korea
- Dr. Hak-Soo Lee, CEO, K-water, Korea
15:30-16:00 (30’) Keynote Address TBD, Director, OECD, France
16:00-16:10 (10’) Break TBD, Director, OECD, France
TBD, Vice President, Mekorot, Israel
16:10-17:25 (75’) Achieving Sustainable Integrated Water Resources Management TBD
17:25-17:55 (30’) Discussion
17:55-18:00 (5’) Closing Dr. Hak-Soo Lee, CEO, K-water, Korea