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Key contents to be confirmed

  • Water Partner Square is a freely applicable business matching program which is open for both B2G and B2B.
  • To participate in the Water Partner Square, please agree to provide following information including company profile and contact information.
    (Required information: Name of Company, Registration Number, Company Representative Name, Establishment of Company(yyyy), Employee(number), Business Field, Physical Location, Company & Production Introduction, Contact Person, Department·Position, Mobile, Email, Attendee, Department·Position, Mobile, Email)
  • Please fill in at least one Attendee’s information to arranage meeting(s) successfully.
  • Please approve the meeting-request(s) as soon as possble.
  • One-on-one Business meetings will be arranged in order right after mutual approval is made. Please be noted meeting attrangement might be failed if demands exceed even for the duration of the registration.
  • Time and venue of the meetings will be arranged in order of approval.
  • Please be noted the completed meeting schedule might be changed in case the attendee’s condition is not availble. So please be sure to check your final meeting schedule at the website.
  • Official meeting language is English, an Korean-English interpreter will be assigned for all meetings.

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