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Holding a Water Industry Business Workshop on sharing the current status of the water companies in Netherlands, France, Vietnam, and Laos to help local water company entering Southeast Asia and Europe market.


Overseas : Water related organization from Netherlands, France, Vietnam, Laos
Local : Korea Water companies, Water related organization, Embassy from participating countries

Short Description

Date& time September 4(Wed), 14:00~17:30
Venue Daegu EXCO ROOM 323
Host DYETEC Water Industry Support Institution
Sponsor Daegu Metropolitan City
Participants About 50 participants from overseas water-related organization, Korea Water companies and Water related organization, Embassy from participating countries, etc.
  • 1. International presentation of water industry support organization(15mins each) : Korea, Netherlands, France, Vietnam, Laos
  • 2. Short speech of water companies(3mins each) : Brief introduction of international water companies
  • 3. Business matchmaking(60mins) : Business needs matchmaking for domestic-overseas water companies




Time Contents
13:40-14:00 (20’) Registration
14:00-14:10 (10’) Opening Ceremony Guest introduction
Opening speech President of DYETEC
Welcome speech Director-General of
Innovative Growth Bureau of
Daegu Metropolitan City
14:10-15:25 (75’) Introduction of national water industry support organization,
Introduction of water companies,
Business needs sharing
South of Korea 15mins of presentation each,
Consecutive interpretation
15:25-15:40 (15’) Q&A
15:40-16:00 (20’) Coffee break
16:00-16:30 (30’) Short speech of water companies 3mins each,
10 companies
16:30-17:30 (60’) Matchmaking between domestic-overseas water companies

2018 Previous Outcome

International water industry business workshop was held for sharing water industry status of the governments, public organizations and water companies matchmaking from 7 countries. 32 of overseas and 58 of domestic participants concentrated on the international joint commercialization in a discussion. Water industry is one of new growth engine of Daegu city. So Daegu city is supporting Korea Water Cluster Companies and Daegu water companies to promote their advancement especially East-asia market entry such as Vietnam, Myanmar and exchange business experience with developed countries like Netherlands, France. Daegu city is also signed MOU within Philippines MWSS(Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System) to activate global water network. 6 of Korean-Overseas water companies 1:1 matchmaking are also successfully conducted. They had a serious meeting for technology exchange and wastewater treatment plan. From the previous fruitful result, Daegu city is planning to hold a specialized workshop on water business area in 2019. They will prepare short speech section to promote domestic water companies and matchmaking for substantial achievement.