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Application Deadline

1st Early Bird : June 19(Fri), 2020
2nd Early Bird : July 20(Mon), 2020
Final Deadline : August 21(Fri), 2020

Application Process

Based on the submission date, quantity of booth(s), and exhibition category,
the organizer will allocate the exhibition space(s) accordingly.

- Payment Process

Amount Payment
Deposit 50% of participation fee Due within 5 days of invoice date
Balance 50% of participation fee By August 21(Fri), 2020

Booth Type and Price

Raw Space Shell Scheme
Price USD 2,200 USD 2,500
Size 9m2(3mX3m) 9m2(3mX3m)/2.4m(H)

Early Bird Discount

1st 2nd Re-participation
Saving Amount USD 250 USD 90 Additional 5% off
Application Due June 19(Fri), 2020 July 20(Mon), 2020 -

※ Above discount is only applicable to the booth price.


Raw Space Shell Scheme
- Provide exhibition floor space (9m2(3m×3m)) only
- NOT include any prefabricated wall
installations, furniture, carpet,
electricity or any other technical
supplies and facilities
- Comprise following:
back & side walls, 1 company signage,
1 booth number signage,
1 set of table & chair,
lightings(3 spot lights, 2 fluorescent lamps),
fairontex carpet floor, power supply(1 Kw)

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