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The KIWW Water Leaders’ Round Table (WLRT), the signature gathering of the high-level participants of KIWW, has been planned to build a consensus on actions amongst global high-level representatives on water challenges. The distinguished high-level participants of WLRT will share their insights and experiences on the theme of KIWW2019, ‘Smart solutions for integrated water management’ under the overarching theme of KIWW2019-2021, ‘Sustainable Water Management for Human and Nature’. ‘Water Leaders’ Action Declaration’ will be one of the major results of KIWW, and be embodied through the follow-up activities of each participant. The KIWW WLRT will be the initiative of the high-levels’ actions and their commitment to practical and tangible plans for water in the way of Smart solutions for integrated water management.


High Levels of the goverments and global water representative organizations (international organizations, NGOs, and academia. etc.)

Short Description

Date& time September 4(Wed), 14:00~16:00
Venue Daegu EXCO ROOM 306
Host Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Daegu city and K-water, Rep. of Korea
Organizer Korea Water Forum
Participants About 20 representatives from water-related governments, international organizations, academia, and NGOs.
  • 1. To share the best practices and experiences of global high-levels from different countries and representative organizations contributing to implementation for the ‘Smart solutions for intergrated water management’
  • 2. To build a consensus on adoption of ‘Action declaration’, ensuring follow up actions of the discussed and shared ideas.
  • 3. To set the tangible action plans for the next KIWW based on the ‘Action declaration’ so that it could be delivered with followed up contents to the 9th World Water Forum and other global water movements and initiatives.

KIWW2018 Previous Outcome

The Water Leaders Round Table(WLRT), which celebrated its third anniversary, was attended by 32 high-level leaders from governments, international organizations, public organizations and NGOs in the water sector to share examples and opinions on implementation of the Water Partnership for Sustainable Development. And based on the adopted Water Leaders Action Declaration 2016, they agreed with the Water Leaders 'Action Declaration 2018 (Water Leaders' Action 2018), which contains four major agendas and encouraged the implementation.

*Four Major Focus Areas of Water Leaders` Action 2018: (1)Developing Financing Systems, (2)Enhance Capacity Building and Raise Awareness On Water, (3)Develop Integrated Smart Water Management(ISWM), (4)Facilitate Partnership at all levels