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: KIWW Secretariat : Thu, 4 April 2019, 5:46 PM

[TIP Platform] KIWW2019 Call for TIP Platform session proposals

Call for TIP Platform session proposals

The TIP Platform is designed to provide practical and innovative guidelines to those who seek for practical know-hows and lessons learned from successful implementation of water policies and water related science and technologies. Its objective is to promote sharing ideas and finding practical solutions to global water challenges. It also aims to provide market places with the emerging science and technologies and engineering services for active engagement in global water issues.


For organizing a session under the TIP Platform, please select one of the five focus areas of TIP Platform and submit a session proposal that addresses the theme of the focus area.

Each organizer is responsible for creating and managing the proposed session maximum 120 minutes during the KIWW 2019 (Sep. 4th - 6th, Daegu EXCO, Rep. of Korea).

The five focus areas are followings:

a) Smart Water Management, b) Water Recycling and Reuse, c) Water for Socio-economic Development, d) Water Governance and Partnership, e) Water ODA

* Please check the TIP Platform concept note for detailed background and focus areas description.

Session proposal

Proposals should be text only and follow the template and be submitted by the e-mail (tip_kiww@koreawaterforum.org) by 30 May. The session may have keynote speeches, presentations, panels, round table discussions, talk shows, group work and posters.

Please refer to the TIP Platform session proposal guideline and information, and download the proposal templet for an apply.

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